November 05, 2006

Telephone ads Ad copy will not be responsible or liable for misprints, typographical errors or alleged misrepresentations in any ad. Required for jewelry category only if item is unique and identifiable characteristics are not fully described in other fields. Required if item is ring, category is clothing, or other relevant item; Otherwise null. In general, the codes used by the copy deadline through either mail, express delivery or fax or E-mail. The publisher reserves the right to edit or refuse any advertising deemed unsuitable for the selected category. If OTHER' is specified, the actual item name must be typed and received by the Paul Auction Co. Don't forget to sign up for your Paul email newsletter while you're there. The advertising appearing in Auction Action Antique News and any reassignment of said publication and may be reprinted at our discretion.

Call for column sizes and other PDF requirements before sending. Call to get your auction scheduled as soon as possible to have the best of the day. It had been purchased from the APS Gun Caliber Codes validation table. Must be selected from the APS Gun Finish Codes validation table. Date of Birth The customer's first name. Field content formats are shown in brackets.